The latest edition of the All Bets Are Off podcast delves into problem gambling in Scotland with former gambling addicts and industry professionals.

What is it?

The All Bets Are Off podcast is a gambling addiction recovery podcast which aims to help others in their recovery.

Who is it?

Darren Crocker, Founder of Rule-ette Out

Warren Hughes, Gambling Education Project Manager at Fast Forward

Chris Gilham, Co-Host of the All Bets Are Off podcast

Ryan Pitcher, Co-Host of the All Bets Are Off podcast

What is being said?

“For me, it all started because my old man plays football and we used to go to the football every single weekend so I looked up to a lot of the boys there,” Crocker explained. “During that time, it wasn’t uncommon for bookie slips to be getting handed out and taking in the cash and pools and sitting in the pub afterwards watching the results come in.

“That was my weekend routine from a young age but I always remember being fascinated by claw machines and watching people play these things. I was always allured to the sounds and lights and all the rest of it. There were the scratchcards in the Sunday newspapers and magazines, and I’d be right in there taking all these things.

“The writing may have been on the wall for me that I might have had an issue with gambling but it wasn’t really out of control. When I was betting on football with friends, it was absolutely fine because it was a weekend thing.

“What happened to me was – which is probably a common story for a lot of people – when the FOBTs started getting installed in the bookies, I was no longer going in and out to put on a sports bet, I started piling money into roulette and slots. The difference is when you’re sitting alone in the books, you’re not going to be putting on sports bets anymore.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear insights into problem gambling north of the border and how lived experience can benefit those suffering with gambling addictions.

Where can I see more?

Source: All Bets Are Off website

All Bets Are Off: Problem gambling north of the border