SuzoHapp: Online and player protection to aid European retail innovation

Online adoption, such as omnichannel payments, is set to aid innovation within the retail environment.

These were the thoughts of Tim KennedySuzoHapp:’s VP of Sales Europe, who, ahead of SBC Summit Barcelona, which opens its doors today, sat down with SBC’s Senior Journalist, Jessie Sale.

“From an innovation point of view, there’s a number of things that can really help retail. One is adopting online. Certainly online payments, which is one thing we’ve been developing, allows all the convenience of payments that you get online to be accessible in a retail environment. 

“Secondly, all of the player protection. There’s a number of facial recognition products that we have developed that allow operators to be fully compliant with the latest laws that provide the protection that the player needs.” 

In the video, Kennedy also discusses how SUZOHAPP’s products have impacted the European retail highstreet, retails post pandemic bounceback and the market that has offered the most success and how, moving forward, it can cross borders.

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