As the betting and gaming industry comes under increasing pressure, such as the review of the 2005 Gambling Act in the UK, misperceptions among the general public could have an impact on HR and recruitment strategies. 

In a recent interview, Alice Nordin of Betsson Group, for Disa Stigh, as part of the Casino By Her YouTube series, she discussed recruitment into the igaming industry, and the importance of promoting the social responsibility initiatives betting operators pursue. 

Discussing the misperceptions, Nordin emphasised: “There are people who don’t really know what igaming is all about and have a negative association with industry. It’s all about  teaching them a little bit about gaming because usually these opinions come from not knowing anything about it. 

“It’s important to understand the socially responsible aspects of the gaming industry, and it’s also important to choose companies that take this very seriously – that takes social responsibility for their products. 

“Each gaming company has big teams that only work with gaming, so they have a whole team that takes care of a customer’s who show signs of not gambling responsibly. It’s important to understand that, that there are teams that work with only this, and you’re not allowed to licence if you don’t have that.”

She went on to offer an insight into employment strategies at Betsson Group, as she underlined the importance of teaching prospective employees about the positive and socially responsible aspects of the igaming industry.

It comes as the firm continues to grow its global footprint, building on sponsorship of this month’s of the CONMEBOL Copa America 2021 football tournament, as it expands into LatAm.  

As a renowned European igaming operator, with ambitions of international expansion, effective and efficient recruitment plays a key role in Betsson’s efficient global growth. 

Prior to securing its sports betting and gaming licences in Greece from the Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC), the firm obtained its Athens-based Tech Hub, which Chief Commercial Officer Ronni Hartvig highlighted as opening access to ‘talented people and recruitment’.

Source – Casino By Her YouTube Channel

Alice Nordin: Correcting misperceptions about the igaming industry