Information security should not be considered solely as a technology issue, it should feature at every level of operation for a business, said GiG‘s Diane Abela.

Who is it?

Diane Abela, Director of Information Security at GiG

What is being said?

Abela explains how the ISO 27001 certification for two of GiG’s frontend development products serves as testament to the effective underlying processes and approaches to information security in place at the company. 

Gambling TV also learns about the collaborative approach to creating new products at GiG, including input from the security team. 

“We’re there from the start to make sure that when this feature is designed, it has security in mind from the start rather than leaving it until later,” said Abela. “New kinds of vulnerabilities are being introduced on a daily basis and attacks are occurring round the clock.

“To combat this, we are constantly testing our products to make sure they are not susceptible to these kinds of threats. We’re also monitoring our products so that if we’re under attack and that someone is trying to compromise our systems, we are monitoring so that we can respond.”

Closing the interview, Abela’s number one recommendation for those looking to improve their security processes was to make it a core part of the company strategy. 

Information security, she stressed, should act as a balance between risk and reward when looking to achieve new business goals, and become a supporting feature when collaborating with new stakeholders. 

Abela concluded: “Invest in information security – don’t treat security as a tech issue. You can have the most secure tech in the world, but if your processes are not secured and your employees are not trained in security then there is no point in having that ultra-secure technology. Security needs to be present in every tier of your business.”

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To learn about the best approach to platform security, the importance of testing to reduce susceptibility to new threats, and why security should feature at every level of the business.

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Source: SBC YouTube Channel

Diane Abela: How GiG is enhancing security for its partners