As the betting and gaming industry emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic along with other segments of the global economy, training and re-training of employees will become even more important.

This is according to Charles Harper, General Manager and Head of North America at the iGaming Academy, who detailed his organisation’s role and his views on the issue in a recent webinar for the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA).

As the industry reopens – and in the case of the Canadian sector, embraces legalisation for the first time – many challenges will be posed with regards to training, he argued. 

Firstly, returning employees will need updating on a regulatory required training, many of whom have not received this education for more than a year due to coronavirus-related lockdowns.

Additionally, as some employees vacated their positions during the pandemic, betting businesses now face the challenge of recruiting new staff members who will have ‘no regulatory training’ as well as a lack of job skills and HR awareness that are essential for the gambling industry.

Lastly, Harper pointed out that there have been significant changes in the betting and gaming industry during the lockdowns, pointing to the launch of the regulated Canadian market as an example.

“With regards to sports betting coming along and online gaming joining a number of provinces there’s a lot of job skills training around that,” he detailed.

“Even employees who aren’t necessarily working in those areas have to have at least a reasonable understanding of how that’s going to affect their business and their ability to understand what that new business is going to do and how they can just address it.

“There’s training definitely for that for every and again everything from just basic understanding for online gaming to something as specific as online sportsbook management.

“We’re trying to address all of those things at the same time because companies who are coming back are having massive training needs just to get up and running.”

Source – mediaedgetv Youtube Channel

The iGaming Academy: the importance of training for the post-COVID betting sector