Appearing at the Women in Gaming conference, IGT’s Jennifer Bowman discussed her identification with the company’s commitment to uniqueness and authenticity.

What is it?

Jennifer Bowman highlights her career as a woman in the gaming industry, focusing on her own journey from immigration to the UK to rising to her current position, and identifies key markers for success.

Who is it?

Jennifer Bowman, Senior Marketing Director at IGT

What is being said?

Referring to the impact of COVID-19 on IGT’s operations and how she relied on her experience to overcome this, Bowman remarked: “By embracing my unique history, by telling my story, by being able to develop my talents and my ability to build worldwide relationships in a very authentic way, helped me prepare my team and colleagues and friends for the challenges that we were facing uniquely in a decidedly isolated and ‘crunch-time’ period of time. 

“This ‘needs-must’ environment of creative thinking and using common sense, and finding the best way possible with limited resources, finally came in handy. 

“So, we’re looking forward, you know I love all of the diversity and inclusion groups that we have at IGT, I’m involved with several of them, whether it’s about ageing population groups, or specific abilities, or of course, women inclusion networks, there is something for everybody to get involved and have your authentic voice being heard.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear the insights of an experienced gaming executive on the role of women in the betting and gaming industry, the importance of inclusion, uniqueness and authenticity.

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Source: IGT YouTube Channel

IGT’s Bowman highlights authenticity in gaming