The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has announced its new three-year corporate strategy, emphasising a commitment to safer gambling.

In a video released on the regulator’s YouTube channel, the UKGC placed an importance on flexibility in order to create a safer betting environment, whilst also taking note of the importance of delivering a ‘high quality and effective competition’ for the awarding of the next National Lottery licence.

Five core strategic objectives have been set by the Commission:

  • Protecting children and vulnerable people from gambling harm
  • Creating a ‘fairer market’ and keeping customers well informed
  • Safeguarding the industry against criminal threats
  • Optimising returns to good causes from the National Lottery
  • Improving gambling regulation

Measures suggested to achieve these goals include the development of compliance and competence standards and further research, publishing information about licence holders and ensuring the fairness of products, and ‘developing our people’ as well as ‘managing our resources effectively’.

In order to combat crime, the UKGC has also outlined a need to ‘tackle illegal gambling providers,’ as well as address money laundering and betting integrity risks.

Finally, with regards to the National Lottery, the UKGC has identified a need for a ‘successful transition between licences’ and ‘maintaining performance’ as key to its fourth objective of optimising good returns.

Source – Gambling Commission YouTube Channel

UKGC underlines safer gambling objectives in new strategy