Sports Gambling Education (SGE) assembled a panel of sports gambling and gaming experts to discuss the issues surrounding tribal gaming in 2021.

Who is it?

Steve Pastorino, Senior Vice President & Head of Business Development at US Integrity

Brendan Bussman, Partner and Director of Government Affairs at Global Market Advisors

Rebecca George, Executive Director of the Washington Gaming Association

Jim Wise, Vice President of Marketing at FireKeepers Casino

What is being said?

Making reference to how the US landscape might be subject to change in the near future, Bussman explained: “Since the repeal of PASPA, numerous states have gone forward with sports betting and tribal gaming has really started to take off over the last couple of years. As most people look forward on the tribal side, there’s a host of states that are going through that process right now.

“Top of mind for most people is probably what happened this week in New York and what’s going to happen with the tribal entities up there and what Governor Cuomo calls a ‘hybrid model’. I’d call it a broken model, especially if you look at the legislation, the tribal organisations are mentioned in there as one word and that’s it, which is going to cause some problems up there, not just from a challenging standpoint but back to constitutionality in general.”

Wise also added that a ‘big adjustment’ may be due for tribes: “I think for tribes, the key issues include things like what is going to work best for them in particular? By that, if a tribe says, ‘I just want to get to market’, then an association with a national brand may make a whole lot of sense.

“The rub is that the tribe is going to have to get comfortable accepting a very small piece of that overall pie – a much different scenario to that under which they currently operate.”

Why should I watch it?

To gain a deeper understanding into the impact of legalised sports gambling on tribal gaming in the US.

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Tribal gaming facing ‘big adjustments’ in the near future