What is it?

Becky Liggero Fontana interviews Scientific Games’s Dylan Slaney as part of The Long Con series on CalvinAyre.com. This interview looks at how the gambling industry can develop itself as an entertainment product looking at incorporating formats such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Xbox, Playstation etc. 

The interview analyses how the entertainment platforms create personalised customer experiences, loyalty and looks at how the industry can manage this data. 

Who is it?

Becky Liggero Fontana, Affiliate Reporter & Industry Conference Host, CalvinAyre.com

Dylan Slaney, SVP Digital Gaming, SG Digital

What is being said?

“We see that players have go-to games that are always in their consideration set, loyalty does exist. It’s not as many games as people actually think, we can see most players play a cohort of probably between five to ten games that are always in their consideration set and they will play for different lengths of time. 

“The data that we were presented also shows that there is a lot one time, one day only play for games, players try games and don’t come back and then move on to the games that are in their consideration set. The hypothesis here that we’re trying to understand is, is that driven by the fact that there is too much content coming out. 

“A player doesn’t have the chance to really play a game for a length of time that they need to get it into their consideration set because an operator is then sending them a new email that says ‘hey why don’t you play this game’ or they see a new game on the homepage. 

“This continual churn of games I think decreases the amount of time that a player has available to really get involved with a game that will then go into their consideration set. It’s that that we want to explore more.” 

Why should I watch it?

An interesting look at the emphasis on the entertainment value the industry holds and how the industry can replate pre existing models. 

Where can I see more?

Source: CalvinAyre.com YouTube Channel

Scientific Games: How the industry can adopt modern entertainment customs