Standing out from the competition is a core aspect of any successful business operation, and for Will Whitehead, mkodo’s Associate Director, for the betting industry this requires thought around player experience.

Speaking at the SBC Summit Barcelona last month, Whitehead observed that in ‘the product wins’ in competitive markets such as sports betting and casino, requiring operators to ‘think about the experience’ around their offerings.

He explained: “Quite often the app that offers the best engagement values often comes to the very top, and we see a lot of apps which are still quite ‘webby’ off the shelf and not necessarily bespoke to the specific operator. 

“But if you invest in Best of Breed on both iOS and Android, people recognise that. We heard a stat the other day that if an app survives four weeks on your homepage it will then another three years on your homepage, so people are very loyal to products.”

The Director also had some comments to make on mkodo’s future, building on the back of a major M&A development in the company’s recent history.

“Just before COVID hit we were actually acquired by Pollard Banknote so it has been super exciting working with them,” Whitehead said. 

“We’re very lucky that we’ve actually grown over the last 18 months and have quite a few exciting opportunities and prospects on Horizon. So actually, we’ve come through pretty unscathed and we’re looking forward to the next experience.”

Lastly, Whitehead also had some positive words to say about the educational and networking opportunities at the SBC Summit Barcelona – opportunities currently available at the ongoing SBC Summit Latinoamérica and later on this year at the SBC Summit North America between 30 November and 3 December.

Mkodo’s Will Whitehead: Thinking about the experience around betting products