LSR Podcast: Why legalisation is stagnant in some US states

The surge in legalisation of online gambling in the United States has entered markets such as New York and Louisiana, seeing hundreds of thousands engage in daily online sports betting platforms. 

Despite the recent growth, the online gambling industry is still getting to grips with the US as states mostly dictate their own laws and regulations. This has seen some stagnant progress in online gambling making it’s way into states where it isn’t legalised. 

The Legal Sports Report (LSR) podcast host Matt Brown is joined by LSR reporters Dustin Gouker and Adam Candee to break down why certain states have not legalised online sports betting just yet. 

Gouker went into detail about some states such as Kansas and Georgia who are yet to legalise. 

“The map kind of looks bleak,” states Gouker. 

“There are not a whole lot of states that have a guaranteed good chance of movement. We have Kansas that looks pretty good. Missouri, if the Kansas league lies, also has a pretty good chance. But as we sit here, everything else looks kind of dire. We’ve already taken some states off the board like Georgia.

“A lot of the states are not huge states. Obviously Missouri is a fairly sizable state and some of these others too. These aren’t necessarily needle movers. If not getting growth via growing your brand in existing states. Sports betting is something that has not been fully realised yet.”

Candee also delves into the confusion surrounding Massachusetts and why they are hesitant to legalise just yet. 

“Massachusetts is at the top of the list where you look and say how exactly is it that this has not happened yet?” commented Candee. 

“It feels as if there is no sense of urgency there which given the fact that DraftKings is headquartered in Massachusetts always feels like something that doesn’t make a lot of sense. 

“Georgia is close but not quite. We understand the cultural opposition that is there in Georgia the South is never a guarantee when it comes to legalising gambling in any form.”