Green Jade Games’ latest release, RA K.O, utilises a new KO engine and Auto Knockout feature to maximise the player experience, according to Chief Commercial Officer Mark Taffler.

Speaking to Slot Beats’ James Ross in the latest definition of Beyond the Reels, Taffer discussed the recent launch of the 6×4, 50-payline slot and detailed what it offers for players and the rationale behind its development.

Describing the slots space as ‘crowded’, Taffler argued that providers risk seeing their ‘usps’ become quickly outdated to the ‘cadence of content’.

“We are constantly listening to feedback from operators, players, and our own data, and in RA K.O we decided to upgrade the KO feature automating it, allowing a more seamless player experience,” he explained.

RA K.O’s Auto Knockout feature automatically knocks out symbols on the reels during the ase game, causing them to line up Loot Box wins. These symbols disappear once knocked out, resulting in any symbols above it in the same reel to cascade down and fill the empty space. 

Players are also offered Knock Out chargers earned at the rate of one charge per 11 spins, whilst winning combinations including three to six Loot Boxes will reward players the same number of prizes on RA’s Bonus Reels.

Discussing the background behind the development of Green Jade’s new slot, Taffer outlined how research into customer playing behaviour heavily influenced the title’s design.

“We looked through the metadata and found that player’s weren’t quite able to maximise their experience on the game, and our research showed that was maybe because they weren’t claiming the win when they should have done,” he remarked.

Taffler further stated that the new KO engine ensures that ‘no player will ever lose out, they’ll never have a poor experience, and it still creates that feeling of being involved in the game and having an influence in some way’.

Source – Sports Betting Community YouTube Channel

Green Jade: RA K.O ensures ‘no player will ever lose out’