In the latest episode of William Hill‘s The Final Round, the team were set a different challenge to their usual boxing analysis, instead seeking to enter the record books.

The Guinness World Records are full of many weird and wonderful accomplishments – but a number of these have been achieved by one man, Silvio Sabba.

The Italian personal trainer claimed his first record by competing the most squats in one minute, with additional titles including highest standing jump onto a balance board carrying a 40 lb pack.

However, in one gambling-related record secured last year, Sabba was able to balance over 200 poker chips on one finger on 4 August 2020, prompting William Hill VegasGareth A. Davies and David Alorka to try and better his feat. 

Whilst Sabba achieved this feat in his native Milan, Davies and Alorka travelled to US gaming capital Las Vegas, along with a Guinness World Records representative, to try and take his place in history.

After watching Sabba’s successful attempt, and marvelling at his speed, the duo had a practice attempt, followed by their main try.

Encouraged by Alorka’s cries of ‘stack em’, Davies was able to secure a ‘valiant attempt’ of 21 stacked chips. Alorka’s own attempt was less successful, however, knocking over his first stack and earning himself a disqualification by starting slightly before the command, with Davies observing that ‘his nerves had got to him’.

He was, however, able to beat his colleague’s record with 27 stacked chips on both his second and third tries. 

William Hill’s light-hearted video comes as the firm’s non-US assets are acquired by 888 Holdings, which emerged triumphant from the bidding contest initiated by Caesars Entertainment following the latter’s acquisition of the former FTSE250 bookmaker for £2.2 billion earlier this year.

Source – William Hill YouTube Channel

William Hill Vegas attempts to enter the record books