Ahead of the 2022 Masters golf tournament, Betway checked if Brighton & Hove Albion players would be eligible to enter. 

Adam Lallana and Lewis Dunk put their skills to the test against Shane Duffy and Pascal Gross across three different trials: longest drive, bunker challenge, and nearest the pin.

The longest drive revealed that Duffy is as capable of hitting a golf ball with a stick as he is when kicking a football. Across two separate rounds his strikes managed to reach a total of 531 yards of ball distance. The other three players failed to accumulate any distance in the first round. 

In the second round however Dunk and Lallana sent the ball 268 and 239 yards respectively. Gross came last with 120 yards, carried to the win on the shoulders of Duffy.

The next trial, bunker challenge, where the footballers had to get the ball out of a ditch, complicated things for all players, with Dunk sending it the furthest. His teammate Lallana unfortunately stayed behind everyone in distance, getting beaten by both Gross and Duffy, giving them the second win. 

Nearest the pin saw all four compete for the closest distance to the flag they can get the golf ball to. In a surprising turn of events, Lallana pocketed the victory bringing Dunk with him, but the overall score remained in favour of their other two teammates.

And although all four players brought a solid performance on to the golf pitch, Brighton & Hove Albion fans can rest assured that the quartet is staying at the Falmer Stadium, with the team’s next fixture against Arsenal coming up this Saturday. 

Brighton & Hove Albion stars given golf try-outs by Betway