As we move through week 14 of the National Football League (NFL) season, fans are looking back on the 2021 games to bet on the Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) award.

Discussing the upcoming announcement on FOXBet Live, Cousin Sal and Clay Travis make their pick of the most tactical players and who they want to see win the title.

In speaking highly of linebacker and defensive end, Micah Parsons, Sal explained: “This guy is a godsend. He is saving the Dallas Cowboys.”

The Cowboys have gone from 30 points a game this season, to 22 points a game, and Sal added: “This guy is the real deal, they haven’t had a defensive player of the year winner since Harvey Martin in 1977 – give it to Micah.”

Additionally, Travis also applauded the player for his efforts, stating: “To be a rookie and basically have a locked up rookie of the year and already be in your first season, particularly I would say at the linebacker position, we’ve got a lot of different things to learn.

“To come in and be as impactful as he has been is a great testament to his ability and so is this entire discussion.”

However, Travis moved on to discuss the Cleveland BrownsMyles Garrett, stating that he is ‘the single biggest and most difficult player to block in the NFL right now’.

“He’s not only opening up opportunities for himself, but for everybody else,” he continued. “Second overall in sacks, first in quarter-back hits, first in quarter-back pressures. 

“Look, it’s not a very good Browns team that he’s doing it on, I think down the stretch run as the AFC North is wide open, maybe the most fun race for a division title anywhere in the NFL.”

Travis concluded by stating he believes Garrett will be the overall winner of the award. If Parsons comes to victory however, he would be the first rookie to win the DPOY since Lawrence Taylor in 1981.

FOXBET: Myles Garrett most difficult player to block in NFL