As we edge closer to the 2023 edition of SBC Summit Barcelona, taking place next week from the 19th-21st of September. The latest episode of iGaming Daily put some of the most interesting conference panels under the spotlight with host James Ross, joined by SBC News Editor & SBC Content Director, Ted Menmuir, and SBC’s Senior Media Manager Martyn Elliott.

Menmuir began todays panel discussion with a broad overview of the future of Sports Betting track, and particularly why it’s important that the theme of innovation is set to be covered extensively at SBC Summit Barcelona, he said “There are so many crossroads for the industry at the moment.. and alongside that I think the tables are turning in terms of innovation, and who’s grabbing that innovation and going to change the industry”.

Menmuir continued to describe how, when speaking to c-suite level personnel at some organisations, there is a divide on which technology is going to make that impact to the final product and ultimately the value chain of the industry.

Menuir also theorised that innovation is being driven by organisations’ forthcoming entry into US markets, and pointed towards the issue of the same technology stack currently being used in US and Europe rolled out in developing markets such as Latin America as a ‘Bad strategy’. He says that he believes the industry is “Rewriting its playbook as we speak”.

Elliot, in contrast, spoke more from a user perspective, and proposed the question of whether an overhaul of innovation may impact the user experience, and whether it will make betting a more enjoyable pastime for players.

Continuing with this point, Elliot also raised the argument that amongst the younger demographic, the battle for screen time will lend to providers needing to “do something more engaging for younger people”, and a ‘richer’ experience will lead to more engagement, rather than a purely transactional experience for players.

You can listen to the rest of this podcast, including the future of what Ross calls “The go to medium at the moment” – Live Streaming, as well as a rundown and preview on some of the talks and speakers in particular that our panel thinks you should keep an eye out for next week, on YouTube, your podcast player of choice, or simply by clicking the link below.

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