SBC Summit Barcelona kicks off next week, and with a wide range of topics and talking points across all verticals to be discussed and showcased, this episode of the iGaming Daily podcast features a conversation on challenges that studios have faced in recent times. The panel explores the ways of keeping slots varied and dynamic, while also innovating and pushing these boundaries even further.

Also unsurprisingly, a topic which is set to be featured at next week’s Summit on the Casino & iGaming Innovation track on a panel session titled – ‘Keeping slots dynamic – are crash games and loot boxes influencing slot innovation?’. Host James Ross was joined by CasinoBeats editor Craig Davies and Senior Journalist Conor Porter to talk all things slot variation and innovation.

Ross began the conversation by questioning the panel on how slot studios balance both the player demands and innovation aspects respectively, and after deliberation with the panel, proposed a third more important component in this question, the needs and wants of the operator. Ross continued “The operator, I think, dictates how far innovation currency goes with slot studios..” and suggested the influence of operators in this debate would be a more fitting focus for this discussion, and ultimately for the panel discussion taking place next week.

Porter continued this by pointing toward the idea of ‘Profit vs Innovation’ whereby innovation is not normally rewarded by commercial success, and that the tried and tested approach would make more sense financially to operators looking to release new titles more consistently.  

Davies added to this with a broader point on the industry in general, “Do we as an industry mislabel innovation? are we that obsessed with something entirely brand new, that a development to make something already in play a bit different or a little bit better, pushing the boundaries a bit, is that not innovative in itself?” pointing out the idea that innovation shouldn’t simply entail ‘reinvention’, but incremental improvements that can have just as much of an impact on slot titles.

You can listen to the remainder of this podcast, including anecdotes on branded mechanics, a multiplayer slots tease? And some big questions on AI.. on YouTube, your podcast player of choice, or simply by clicking the play icon below. 

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