During a recent BoscaSports webinar titled ‘The Future of Retail Betting’, Dermot Butler spoke to a range of representatives from the industry who shared their opinions on the future of retail betting.

Colm Finlay of Bet XS argued that self-service betting shops are a strong possibility, remarking that: “Through automation, we have been able to kind of cleanse the betting transactions within the shops, so that if we wanted to have arrangements with third party entities, such as SAS and TRP, we can warrant onto them whatever betting data is emerging from our shops is clear, concise and measured, because the machines are the custodians of the transaction.”

He continued: “Self service betting shops should be treated no differently to their online counterparts. Online operators get to operate on a revenue share basis, so should retail.

“We feel like that shops are at a point in time where they can furnish to various third party entities, clear concise betting data.”

Jack Kelliher of PA Betting Services believes digital displays will play a prominent role in the future of retail betting, debating that in the majority of shops in the UK and Ireland, companies engage with customers through ‘a paper display, which is fine but is not good enough by today’s standards of how we consume data.’

He said: “We consume up to the minute information, detailed information, dynamic and fast-moving information, by various social media channels, or news networks online. That is how we follow our hobbies, learn and gain insights on how to make decisions.”

However, Kelliher claims the retail betting space has not caught up with this trend, pointing to how racing cards, in particular, have displayed in the same format for many years. 

He argues that digital displays – such as those available on online platforms – should be utilised by retail outlets, to provide a greater level of insight to consumers, which would get customers ‘more engaged, and back in the betting shops.’

Other speakers on the podcast include Fergal Downey of BoscaSports, who also spoke on the importance of digitisation, and Gary Toal, who discussed the evolution of betting shops and punters, with a specific focus on the future adaption of til systems to meet these changes.

More webinars on the sports betting industry can be found on Dermot Butler’s YouTube Channel.

BoscaSports speakers discuss the future of retail betting