How do artificial intelligence and machine learning contribute to providing outstanding software solutions for the online sports gambling industry? All this and more is covered in the first episode of DataArt Conversations, a series which talks with sports betting industry leaders about various subjects.

Omer Dor, CEO of Sports IQ, was brought onboard for episode one which topic of choice is prop bets, they discuss how technology and superior statistical models facilitate betting products and help engage gamblers. 

What is it?

The conversation covers the history of prop bets both from a domestic and international perspective and debates if there’s room for props in exchange betting.

The webinar looks at if there is a demand for prop betting outside of sports, before looking at the rise in political prop betting, the popularity of fantasy sports and the advantages of using AI technology.  

DataArt is a global software engineering firm that takes a uniquely human approach to solving problems.

Sports IQ is a computer software company that builds proprietary odds for the US sports betting industry.

Who is it?

Omer Dor, CEO, Sports IQ

Russell Karp, Vice President, DataArt

Joseph Solosky, Advisor to the Board, DataArt

Kevin Twitchell, Advisor to the Board, DataArt

What is being said?

Twitchell: “As they say in the media world, everything is on two screens now. Everybody is looking at two screens at the same time. You’re participating in the ecosystem of entertainment at all times.”

Dor on political prop bets: “We saw bets with the US election, who’s going to win the election? There are groups who focus exclusively on that. In fact, I know that there are operators which we would classify as ‘sportsbooks’ that all the action they take is actually on political betting, it has nothing to do with sports. 

“If we use that same analogy about the classification of prop bets then I would say who’s going to win Florida, who’s going to win Georgia.

“I think all of those would be categorised under prop bets and so I certainly think that so long as people have interest in something and there’s enough data to be able to create engaging products around that, then you can create prop bets.” 

Why should I watch it?

To learn more about all things revolving around prop bets.

Where can I see more?
Source: DataArt YouTube Channe

DataArt Conversations: Sports Betting Industry Leaders – Prop Bets