As the sports betting and gaming industry across the US continues to expand, Dr Alyssa Wilson of Saint Louis University believes that this is creating issues for problem gamblers, who ‘cannot escape gambling imagery’.

What is it?

In a recent webinar posted by Murray State Psychology, Dr Wilson outlined her opinions and research on the topic of gambling addiction.

Who is it?

Dr Alyssa Wilson, Gambling Addictions Research Laboratory,  Saint Louis University

What was being said?

Dr Wilson underscored the importance of providing a definition of gambling, and understanding what constitutes gambling: “This is important because when you work in clinical practice with folks who have problem or disorder gambling, most of the time people want to say that things like poker aren’t a form of gambling because they are skill based, I can somehow beat the odds because I ‘know how to play’. 

“Similarly, sports betting can also be considered something that is skill based, because I know the spread or at least follow the team.”

She added: “You cannot escape the gaming and gambling imagery. It is literally everywhere. So no longer can we just say ‘avoid going to your drug dealers house’ or ‘avoid going to the bar’, because you cannot avoid driving your car, or eating at restaurants or going to the airport, and gambling is everywhere.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear insights from an experienced academic on gambling addiction and gambling related harm in the US, as the sports betting and gaming market continues to expand in the country.

Where can I see more?

Source – Murray State Psychology YouTube Channel

Dr. Alyssa Wilson: problem gamblers cannot escape gambling imagery