In the concluding episode of the Gaming in Holland webinar series, Willem van Oort discussed responsible gaming strategies with a panel of guest speakers.

What is it?

The panel highlighted a range of approaches to responsible gaming and player safeguarding, including the use of technological solutions as well as preventive measures and lived experience.

Who is it?

Moderator – Willem van Oort, Founder of Gaming in Holland

Guest Speaker – Sharif Ibrahim, Associate at Kalff Katz & Franssen

Guest Speaker – Pieter Remmers, CEO of Assissa Consultancy Europe

Guest Speaker – Peter Emil Tybirk, AI Developer at Mindway AI

What is being said?

Highlighting the significance that lived experience can have in shaping an operator’s responsible gambling strategies, Remmers stated: “The UK Gambling Commission has established a lived experience advisory panel, which means that the people that have experienced the gambling problem are part of the group. 

“There is another thing that is important, and that is making enough room for prevention specialists, so to say. As we know from research, and not only in this country but in a lot of countries, only a limited percentage of people that are having problems are using the regular treatment facilities.”

Adding on to this, the CEO remarked: “The focus should be, I think, when we start to talk about the things that we are doing. It should be on prevention, and all those that don’t use treatment facilities.”

Tybirk expanded on Remmers comments, outlining the increasing utilisation of AI by betting operators to better safeguard customers and promote responsible gaming: “I think a clear reason why there is a trend in the industry towards using AI is because AI can manage really complex data and extract patterns from this complex data. The only thing is that you need some kind of target for the AI to aim for. And one of the most common approaches we’ve seen in the industry is that operators will be trying to predict which customers are likely to self exclude in the future.” 

Arguing that this focus on self-exclusion was not enough, Tybirk continued: “That’s why at Mindway, we have a board of experts who will go through individual player profiles of customers looking into their behaviour, how they have behaved on the website, assigning a risk score to individual customers and also assigning explanations for the risk profile, to make a full player profile.”

Where can I see more?
Source – Gaming in Holland YouTube Channel

Lived experience and prevention key to responsible gaming strategies, says Remmers