Already popular in many African markets, virtual sports has taken on a new importance this year, at the SBC Digital Summit: Africa a team of virtual sports betting experts gathered to discuss the enhancing the popularity of virtual sports on the continent.  

What is it?

The panel looks at what players find so appealing about the virtual product and what can operators do to maintain and increase the revenues they attract? What are the most successful combinations of game length and bet type? And what is being done to develop the product even further?

Who is it?

Dolan Beuthin, CEO, Betmonsta 

Chris Duncan, Director of Products, Black Op Ventures

John Gordon, CEO, Incentive Games

Josh Sparke, Head of Procurement, LiveScore Group

Martin Wachter, CEO/Founder, Golden Race

What is being said?

Wachter: “We are selling around 50 million betting slips a day, more than 20 million bets. In 2019, we had half a billion Euros in GGR. In Africa, we are selling at the moment seven out of 10 tickets every day.

“It’s the only continent where betting shops open because they want to have the virtuals. Let’s take, for example, Nigeria where in terms of retail 65% generated in sports betting is done from virtuals. It’s not like in the UK where you do maybe 10% or in Italy you do 15%. Virtual sports are extremely high.”

When pressed on key learnings for the African market, Wachter responded:“What we can see in Africa is that 95% of our traffic is done by virtual football. 

“But the most important thing to understand is we don’t need 100 different games, we should learn that we use the games we know the players like to play, then improve it, make it more simple. And maybe add the horses and some small number games. 

“Where Golden Race is different from most of my competitors is that if you see the games in Bet9ja in Nigeria or games in shops across Kenya or Ghana, they look completely different.”

Why should I watch it?

To understand how to apply virtual sports to the African markets, listening and adapting products to what the market needs.

Where can I see more?
Source: SBC YouTube Channel

SBC Africa: Enhancing Virtual Sports Popularity in Africa