A detailed comparison of servicing VIP programmes between the European experience and Africa’s prospects taken from the ‘VIP in Africa’ panel at the SBC Digital Summit Africa.

What is it?

Panellists examine African betting VIP programmes, drawing upon influences from religious and cultural factors and look at what lessons can be learnt for African incumbents from European experiences.

The session looks at the emergence of VIP programmes in other entertainment and hospitality sectors. As iGaming companies are warming up to the idea of structured VIP programmes to encourage player loyalty, the session investigates some of the methods used in European markets and determine how these can be translated into the African market.

Who is it?

Gali Hartuv, Head of VIP, 10Bet

Ilze Jansone, Managing Director – Online Gambling in West Africa Region, BetBonanza

Brad Williams, Head of VIP, Bet.co.za

What is being said?

Hartuv: “I think up until now from the European aspect, and I believe Africa as a gambling continent can learn a lot from this, which is responsible VIP. Europe for many years dealt with VIP, I would say, irresponsibly. 

“We saw VIPs as a cash cow that was limitless and we took advantage of it, and it has reached a point now where responsible gaming and compliance is at the forefront of our industry in Europe, where governments and society together lobbied against VIP schemes and programmes.

“We reached this point now where we need to present ourselves as responsible, and we need to show the commissions, in this case the UKGC, that we are running ethical VIP programmes, that we are not simply out there to exploit our customers to the point that we develop problem gaming, and we need to utilise this as an opportunity as an African gambling region to take the message that is being delivered in Europe and learn from it before it is even enacted.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn about the future of VIP programmes in Africa.

Where can I see more?

Source: SBC YouTube Channel

VIP’s future in Africa with lessons ‘learnt’ from Europe