With the SBC Summit North America around the corner, SBC Founder and CEO Rasmus Sojmark emphasised the importance of embracing new opportunities in growing regions. 

Taking place amidst a backdrop of rapid expansion in US sports betting and igaming, the Summit forms a key part of what the CEO described as the ‘strongest set of regional events in the industry’. 

Speaking earlier this year at the SBC Summit Barcelona, Sojmark discussed the development of the SBC Summit series and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the roll out of events.

The CEO remarked: “What we created before COVID was the SBC Summit series, and it’s actually grown with the pandemic to a number of digital events and now live physical events as well. 

“The SBC Summit is in my view the strongest set of regional events in the entire industry – Latin and North America, Europe, Barcelona, CIS – where we work with our partners Parimatch and Sports Media Holding.”

SBC has put on a number of digital events over the past year, focusing on a range of countries and continents including Italy, Latin America, Europe, India and North America.

“We’ve had a lot of requests to expand this into Africa, India and Asia,” Sojmark remarked, commenting on the future of SBC’s events series.

“Right now its Latin and North America, Europe and the CIS – the CIS is part of Europe but it’s obviously got a very big setting with Ukraine regulating and Georgia has been regulated for quite a few years, there’s a lot of interesting opportunites here. 

“I think the events we have with the SBC Summit embraces this and puts on a very quality high-level, high-focused event for all the ones interested in the regional markets.”

A number of notable representatives from across the North American betting and gaming space will attend the event at the Meadowlands Exposition Center next week in New Jersey.

Participating companies will include DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, Penn Interactive, Bally’s Corporation and ESPN, plus many more.

Commenting on the upcoming event, the CEO also spoke about the different events planned for attendees.

“The amount of things we have gathered for people – we have the 40/40 Club on Tuesday, we’ve got the MetLife Stadium, the highest grossing stadium in the world when it comes to entertaining,” he said.

“We have fieldside field goal kicking competitions, we’ve got touchdown throwing – everyone can experience what it’s like to be in the midst of US sports. This is going to be quite a year.”

To view panel discussions and conferences live from next week’s SBC Summit North America, taking place between 30 November and 2 December, click here.

SBC Founder Rasmus Sojmark: Embracing opportunities in emerging regions