Catching up at SBC Summit North America, Mike Van Ermen from FSB pointed out that operators should not be pressured into work models.

Instead, they should be allowed to act on their own terms and develop their own tempo, Van Ermen emphasised.

He said: “We are not telling operators how they need to operate their sportsbooks, they’re telling us how they want to operate and we’re facilitating that. I think that’s really critical for new entrants into the market that don’t necessarily have the experience to know what they want to do.

“Having a platform like FSB can future-proof them to a degree where the decision you make on day one is not the decision that you’re going to be stuck with after year one or year two. FSB can bring the operator along as they gain more experience.”

FSB’s VP of Business Development also noted the success his company has recently been achieving, expending time and resources into supporting the sector in North America. 

“The leadership team has really put an emphasis on the North American market,” Van Ermen remarked. “They’ve really taken a lot of pride in making sure that we are doing things right here, in North America. Part of the support that they’ve provided is represented in the hiring that they’ve done. The staff is expanding both in development and business resources.”

FSB can “future-proof” new entrants into North America