On 21st October 2020, Kindred Group hosted its fifth annual Sustainable Gambling Conference as an online digital event. 

Following on from last year’s theme of Building Relevance, the aim for the 2020 conference was to highlight how the online gambling industry could take advantage of technological advancements to build a more sustainable industry.

Henrik Tjärnström, CEO of Kindred Group commented on the conference stating: “All stakeholders involved in our sector need to be pulling in the same direction and really make sure that we are working towards a common goal.”

Kindred Group have organised the Sustainable Gambling Conference since 2016 with the idea to connect brightest minds across the industry to discuss how the sectors can work together to ensure long-term sustainability.

Over 690 people from all over the world signed up this year, to watch presentations, panel discussions, Q&A’s and breakouts.

The video states: “By gathering leading experts and stakeholders from the industry we were able to host an innovative conference that focused on how we can use new technology and innovation to further evolve towards a more sustainable and responsible gambling market.

“This year’s conference not only built relevance regarding the theme, it also sparked the conversation and opened up doors for future collaborative solutions.”

On its website Kindred states that it is ‘committed’ to offering its customers a safe and fair gambling environment to do all that is possible to promote responsible gambling and to help and support those who develop gambling problems. 

This includes engaging in dialogues with relevant partners and stakeholders from all areas of society in order to develop innovative solutions to detect and prevent problem gambling and new control tools to help those who need support. 

You can see more of the conference at sustainablegambling.com

Kindred Group’s Sustainable Gambling Conference highlights