What is it?

Episode 95 of the Nick Luck Daily podcast features an interview with Daily Mirror‘s David Yates to discuss and analyse gambling news, one of the stories is of Peter Jackson, the Chief Executive of Flutter Entertainment’s piece in The Racing Post in which discusses the review on the 2005 Gambling Act and how betting regulation must change to reflect the drastic changes in the betting landscape.

The duo also talks about the Breeders’ Cup talking to Audarya‘s owner Alison Swinburn and trainer James Fanshawe, Paddy Power meeting at Cheltenham with trainer Kerry Lee talking about her horse Happy Diva and Derek Veitch of Ringfort Stud joins as the guest in the bloodstock segment.

Who is it?

David Yates, Chief Racing Correspondent, Daily Mirror

Derek Veitch, Owner of Ringfort

Alison Swinburn, Owner of Audarya

James Fanshawe, Trainer of Audrya

Kerry Lee, Trainer of Happy Diva

Nick Luck, Presenter, Nick Luck Podcast

Nick Luck: An English racing broadcaster and writer working for RacingTV, NBC sports, TRcommentary, Breeders cup, being a Director Aintree Races, Luck on Sunday, Kraftrionnext. He also previously presented on Channel 4 Racing on Channel 4. 

What is being said?

Nick Luck: “Whilst slightly closer to home bookmakers have agreed to pay an increase in the amount they pay on racing in their streaming and data deals until December the 2nd to help mitigate the impact from betting shop closures. That is, we gather, to the tune of £6m. In both respects the gambling industry is on something of a charm offensive.”

David Yates: “I think the Peter Jackson piece I am going to quote one bit of it if I may ‘If we get the balance right we can build a much better industry which commands the support of its customers and also wider society too.’ 

“I broadly believe that and I think he believes that because those of us who work in horse racing and the gambling industry believe that if the right restrictions are in place to prevent people ruining their lives by gambling, that it is for the vast part it is an activity that can be enjoyed responsibly and positively by adults. 

“I think that yes it is a charm offensive, it’s a good piece of PR, they know that change is on the way and they feel that if they get, not their excuses in first but if they have the first word about yes we’re quite happy for this to happen, that it will be reform rather than punishment.” 

Why should I watch it?

In depth analysis of the 2005 Gambling Act review, talks of reform and public perception of the industry. Also looks forward to Cheltenham Festival 2021 and covers the Breeders’ Cup.

Where can I see more?

Source: Nick Luck Daily podcast on SoundCloud

David Yates: If the right restrictions are in place it can be enjoyed responsibly