Ed Moed, CEO of Hot Paper Lantern and HPL Digital Sport spoke to SBC Media’s Erin Gallagher at the recent SBC Summit North America conference at the Meadowlands in New Jersey, as he discussed the vital role of tech and innovation in igaming and betting. 

He underlined that tech can truly change the landscape of sports betting as it continues to evolve and increase in terms of US engagement. 

Specifically, Moed highlighted the potential impact of artificial intelligence when it comes to adding an enhanced layer of personalisation – changing the way sports bettors engage with betting and utilise technological advancements. 

Moed underlined that not only can the growth of AI elevate the way bettors interact with platforms, but it can also increase how informed they are as they place bets. The CEO also went on to label AI as ‘a gamechanger when it comes to taking the industry to the next level’. 

He explained: “AI is going to change the landscape in terms of how a user or sports bettor interacts with a platform and makes their experience more personalised, so they feel whoever is talking to them is really communicating with them.” 

Moreover, Moed added that he believes the market will continue to consolidate in the new year, as new entries continue to come in and fresh avenues of technology are explored. 

Ed Moed: Technology and AI can accelerate the growth of sports betting