What is it?

The latest episode of the Pinnacle podcast, made by Pinnacle.com, sees the company interview one of it’s own with Training Director, Marco Blume in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ style interview with questions supplied by the audience sent in via Twitter over a 24 hour period. 

The Pinnacle Podcast: Learn more about Pinnacle and their approach to bookmaking through their YouTube and Podcasts. The channel provides simple explanations of betting concepts like arbitrage, probability and margins, as well as helping you make informed predictions across all major sports. Subjects such as the basics of betting, GOTW, know your bet types and more is covered. 

Who is it?

Marco Blume: Trading Director, Pinnacle 

Benjamin Cronin: Host, Pinnacle Podcast

What is being said?

Benjamin Cronin: “What is, if we say ‘weird’ markets or unique markets, what is it that has to get Pinnacle involved? Are we talking about the amount of money in the market that has to reach a certain appetite for us to get involved or will we happily put up a line for something that could maybe open us up early on and hopefully it forms itself?”

Marco Blume: “There’s a cost of doing business, people have to get paid to put up lines, we have to monitor this, we have to make sure that we have rules to govern it. That’s often the big problem especially with novelty props, do we have any rules that we cover? 

“Some of the props are not that easy to put up because think about the Super Bowl every year there’s a  big discussion about the anthem, how long is the anthem, what defines the length of the anthem, there’s no official result.

“Now you can come up with complicated rule framebooks around the anthem but people will always find an argument why this was not part of the anthem. These novelty props are fun and interesting to bet but they are really hard to grade in an efficient manner.” 

Why should I watch it?

Gives a ‘peek behind the curtain’ to show Pinnacles operations as Blume answers audiences’ questions.

There’s a large focus on pinnacle traders and bettors. A small discussion on the Pinnacle model also some specific sport or market questions and then questions that touches on modern betting and the future of betting.

Where can I see more?

Source: Pinnacle YouTube Channel

Pinnacle podcast: Twitter ‘Ask Me Anything’ with Marco Blume