With a plethora of high-level broadcasting deals and numerous events hosted in new regions, the fandom of US sports from European fans continues to grow at an exponential rate. 

Speaking at Betting on Sports Europe, Andy Wright, CEO at Sporting Group described the growth of US sports betting in Europe as ‘astronomical’. 

He stated: “The consumption of everything the US produces just seems to increase across Europe,” adding in a prediction that innovations in the region will lead to a deeper embracing of US sports from European bettors. 

He also praised the NBA, a league that has undergone rapid globalisation and majorly boosted its fanbase, not only in Europe but on a worldwide level. 

Now through a major broadcasting deal with Sky Sports and with various games played across Europe, the NBA is one of the most prominent US sports leagues when it comes to betting engagement and general fandom in regions outside of North America. 

In terms of elevating this engagement to the next level and enriching the player experience, Daniel Graetzer, CEO at Carousel Group highlighted the speed of in-play as one of the key hurdles that US sports betting needs to overcome at this very moment.

He went on to cite numerous investments from DraftKings that underline the operator’s desire to elevate its in-play offering. 

Omer Dor, CEO at Sports IQ Analytics, agreed as he added that lessening suspension times is something that will be one of the most substantial innovations in US sports betting, which will evolve the user experience in a major way. 

Furthermore, as operators look to maximise their portfolio of players a host of marketing strategies have been undertaken – leading to an abundance of creative activations. 

It’s something that the panel took a united approach on – emphasising that a heightened regulatory climate is inevitable as marketing strategies become increasingly aggressive.

BOSE – The growth of US sports into Europe is ‘astronomical’