What is it?

Episode 76 of the Luck On Sunday Podcast sees host Cornelius Lysaght speak to The Racing Post’s Lee Mottershead, Daryl Jacob, David Pipe, Nick Rust and Sam Thomas.

The episode does a quick recap of the racing week, looking at Haydock and Ascot, in Bahrain international trophy. 

It then goes on to discuss the news of the week with Nick Rust particularly looking at COVID-19 and racing with the update given that racing was told it would be entitled to £40m in loans from the government’s £300m sport survival winter package. Looking with Rust at what this means for the racing industry. 

Who is it?

Lee Mottershead, Senior Writer, The Racing Post

Daryl Jacob, Jockey

David Pipe, Trainer

Nick Rust, Chief Executive, BHA 

Sam Thomas, Trainer


Cornelius Lysaght, Racing Correspondent

Luck On Sunday – Racing UK’s weekly horse racing talk show that brings you the best guests, with reaction, chat & breaking news.

What is being said?

Lysaght: “Racing has clearly had success dealing with the government to get this emergency funding. It is stop gap funding and the BHA and other stakeholders are working with the government to try and find a more long term solution with vital reform of the levy. 

“Would you be concerned that if race courses and racing don’t take this £40m of loans in its entirety or near its entirety that that could damage racings case with the government when it comes to those vital levy negotiations?”

Nick Rust: “We think that levy reform is required and that is largely because of the massive changing nature of betting at the moment but also making sure that the interest of betting operators and racing are more closely aligned. I’m hearing positive noises and having positive discussions with betting operators about a closer alignment of the way in which sports are funded and the future. We want to continue those discussions and see where they lead to.

“I think if the government is making available £40m to us and we don’t deploy that in a way that our sport needs over the next few months then if I was sat in government I might be wondering why I had helped or perhaps when we come knocking on the door for some other things. I might be asking well what happened to the money we made available to you. We have to use this money and we need to use this money frankly.”

Why should I watch it?

A key listen to understand what has happened this week with the announcement of UK racing being told it would be entitled to £40m in loans from the government’s £300m sport survival winter package, with a man who is at the forefront of the discussion with the government since march. 

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Luck On Sunday Podcast: Racing working with the Government for ‘long-term’ solution