What is it?

Wayne Kimmel, host of  SeventySix Capital’s leadership series, interviews theScore’s CEO John Levy on how his company got started, why they’ve leaned into sports betting and esports, and what John thinks the future looks like for the sports industry.

Who is it?

John Levy, CEO, theScore 

Wayne Kimmel, Managing Partner, SeventySix Capital  

The SeventySix Capital Leadership Series, hosted by Wayne Kimmel, interviews the sports industry’s top entrepreneurs, athletes, investors and thought leaders, diving into each guest’s background, mindset, and leadership style. 

Kimmel delves into important issues like how sports can play an impactful role in the greater community and how athletes can use their social capital to make a change in the world. 

theScore is a publicly traded digital media company based in Toronto, Canada founded in 2012 by Levy. The company owns and operates digital sports media and sports betting products which deliver sports scores, data, news, and sportsbook offerings via emerging and established platforms. In recent years they have launched platforms such as theScore Bet, theScore Esports and Bet Section. 

What is being said?

Levy: “Right now everybody is just trying to play catch up. They are trying to say – I’ve got to have the core product, I have got to have the core types of bets available, I have got to at least be able to do digitally and legally and in a licenced fashion, what everybody has been doing illegally for a number of years. That’s why everybody is racing towards just trying to duplicate what appeared and did work for the last 50 years in an unregulated environment. Once we get through that, that’s when the real innovation starts. That’s when all gloves are off and you can get really creative.” 

Why should I watch it?

The interview talks about market share, the roadmap of sports betting in the US to where we are currently, how young the US betting market is, the exponential growth of the market since the repeal of PASPA in 2018, the excitement for the future of the market and a discussion of the potential for the betting market in Canada.

It’s an exciting look at how far the industry in the US has come in such a small space of time and where the pair believe the industry is headed. 

Where can I see more?

Source: SeventySix Capital YouTube Channel

John Levy – theScore aiming to take ‘gloves off’ and get ‘creative’