The Uzbekistan government has shown its openness to igaming, having announced initial plans to legalise sports betting across the country in 2021, along with launching a consultation on a national lottery. 

What is it?

Taken from day one of the SBC Digital Summit CIS, this panel considers the opportunities within Uzbekistan and discusses what a regulated betting market would mean to the country, alongside possible rules and regulation. 

Who is it?

Julian Bewley, CCO, Sportech

Dmitry Bezruchko, Head of Business Development, 4H Agency

Anton Eshtokin, CMO, Marathonbet

Ravshanbek Umarov, Director, Wooppay UZ

What is being said?

Bewley: “I think the benefits are huge. People around the world, although we speak to people differently and there’s some cultural differences, human nature is human nature.

“From my experience working in places like Kenya, Nigeria to the US, the UK right across to central eastern Europe. Fundamentally people like sport, if there’s an appetite and they desire to bet nine times out of ten they will find a way whether the market permits them to do that if it’s legal or not they will find a route to do such a thing. 

“The key thing is when you have a country of 33 million population, sports fanatics and emerging MMA and esports scene it’s only going to get bigger and bigger. You’ve got some other very interesting sports and an appreciation for the EPL, people are already finding a way to bet.

“The important thing is that the regulations bring in a way that you can capitalise on this area whilst making it attractive for the player to leave the grey market and play in the white market.” 

Why should I watch it?

To look into how international operators view Uzbekistan, to get an analysis of the Uzbekistan player and to understand the regulation and payment landscape of the Uzbekistan betting market which are likely to be finalised and implemented before the market becomes operational in 2021.

Where can I see more?
Source: SBC YouTube Channel

SBC CIS: Uzbekistan opportunities and regulation impacts