Buzz Bingo has launched it’s No Nonsense Bonus Promise:- “You Win It? You Keep It!”, aimed against ‘prohibitive’ and ‘misleading’ bonus schemes in industry.

Published across its social media platform, the video expresses the opinion that many bonus schemes T&C’s can be misleading. It stated: “If you’ve ever played online or on the high street you’ll have been offered a bonus at some point and that sounds great until you read the small print you see bonuses can be misleading. 

“What looks like free money for trying a new website or playing more at somewhere you’ve already joined is usually anything but free money. 

“Most bonuses have restrictions. These restrictions make it impossible to cash out anything you win with the bonus, especially those huge wagering requirements asking you to play five,10 or 50 times your bonus before you can withdraw it. 

“The restrictions also mean that hardly any players see the full value of the bonus they’ve been given. It’s a bit of a rip off, really. 

Within the video, Buzz Bingo noted that it was ‘different’ stating that its bonus’ ‘promise’ that if a customer wins, they will then keep the bonus. The video explained that the player will get ‘instant access’ to all the cash they win.

Furthermore, it highlighted that, while it has terms and conditions which are required by law, it exclaimed that none of them are ‘sneaky or designed to trick’ players. 

The video concluded with the cautionary statement: “Next time you see a bonus that seems too good to be true chances are it is, unless it’s from Buzz Bingo.” 

Buzz Bingo’s Marketing Director Harry Lang Tweeted that: “Nobody likes prohibitive & misleading Ts & Cs – at Buzz Bingo we’re no different.

“We’ve always maintained ‘no wagering requirements’ on our bonuses, so we’ve now launched our new No Nonsense Bonus Promise:- “You Win It? You Keep It!””

Buzz Bingo calls out ‘misleading’ Bingo Bonuses