The latest SBC Webinar explored the need for consumer protection and confidence in the social casino industry as well as clear messaging and transparency. Later on, it also touched on the future use of AI by the industry.

Titled ‘Accelerate your customer management strategies for success in online casinos’, the webinar was hosted by the Editor of CasinoBeats and SlotBeats, Joe Streeter, and featured three heavy hitters from Blazesoft.

You can watch the full webinar by clicking here.

Yuliya Ivanisova, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing, Yuliy German, SVP of Strategic Initiatives, and Meenakshi Lakhanpal, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, all shared their expertise.

To start, the panel asked what the social casino can learn from other e-commerce platforms to help improve consumer protection and build customer trust.

All three agreed that first impressions of the product are key to building consumer trust, which includes the customer being able to “resonate user experience with other e-commerce platforms” as well as the look and feel of the product and the onboarding journey.

Lakhanpal added: “We as consumers have been exposed to over 20 plus years of the World Wide Web and we have developed a level of expectation of what we expect when we go on a website. We know when we are on a legitimate website as consumers, so I think those first interactions are crucial, you can actually lose a customer in the first ten-thirty seconds if they feel the look and feel of the web platform is not the same as, or similar as, what their user behaviour has been on other e-commerce sites.”

The panel also discussed the need for transparency to gain consumer confidence and improve consumer protection. They stressed the need throughout the webinar for clear messaging across the brand, including when marketing through affiliates and influencers.

Lakhanpal also added that it is important to build a “culture of compliance” within an organisation to help ensure consumer protection and also for different departments to collaborate with the legal team, to ensure they are staying within regulations.

Zooming more into the world of affiliates and influencers, Streeter asked if Blazesofty have to educate affiliates and influencers about the difference between social casinos and regulate casinos.

“Education of affiliates and influencers is a must, especially if those are new to social casino,” explained Ivanisova. “ We provide onboarding to each of them. We discuss everything that can be done in the way that is compliant, and it protects consumers as well. We need to ensure that they completely understand how social casino operates.”

The panel also said that due diligence must be done to ensure affiliates and influencers align with brand values and also their output is monitored after partnering to make sure they are staying compliant with regulations.

AI is a hot topic across the gaming industry, and this is no different in social casino.

When asked about the potential use of AI in social casino, the panel agreed that it could be used in almost every facet of Blazesoft’s operations and German said that AI is “definitely the future”.

To finish the discussion, Streeter asked about how Blazesoft use social trends in their marketing and Ivanisova explained the challenge of doing this due to the ever-changing nature of social media features and algorithms.

She also spoke about how the gaming industry has specific challenges due to the stricter regulations placed on gaming advertising by social media companies and legislators.

She said: “Operators have to be really careful to ensure that their use of the latest trends aligns with the platform policies and federal and state force. This can really limit the creative options you use, the type of content that you can put out there.”

Accelerating customer management strategies in social casinos