The Legal Sports Report podcast has returned for 2021. This time around the trio look at news from New Jersey as The Division of Gaming Enforcement unearths news that some online gambling operators are engaging in shady practices when it comes to customer withdrawals. 

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Matt Brown, Adam Candee, and Dustin Gouker look at legalisation developments in New York, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. The successful launch of Tennessee sports betting, the growing popularity of sports betting in the US, The DraftKings and proxy betting story and much more.

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Adam Candee, Co-Host, Legal Sports Report

Dustin Gouker, Head of content, Legal Sports Report

Matt Brown, Managing editor, Legal Sports Report

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Legal Sports Report: news and interviews within the legal online gaming and sports betting world including DFS, horse betting news.

Recently The Division of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey the regulator laid out a two page memo looking at multiple complaints that they received suggesting that it was difficult to withdraw funds from sports betting accounts and that it was taking up to two weeks for some people to receive their funds. 

Addressing this Candee stated: “What they found was that some winnings were indeed being delayed and perhaps way more disturbing than that some bettors were even being encouraged by the operators to keep their money with the sportsbook. 

“They were being prompt messages when they tried to take their money out saying well you could keep it here and bet it with us and there were some who even got bonus offers to keep their money with the book when they were trying to cash out.

“The legal regulated market has made its pitch to be that these are the types of things that don’t happen. That this is where your money is safe this is where you can access it at all times. 

“To put a delay of any amount of time especially two weeks and then above and beyond that to potentially try and entice people back in, is some garbage that absolutely cannot happen.”

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Legal Sports Report: New Jersey customer withdrawals