Sponsorship X’s latest Virtual Series episode focuses on the innovation, engagement, and opportunities in the sports betting world.

What is it?

The video series gathers industry experts of sports betting to talk about the state of the industry today, the innovations in consumer-facing technologies that revolutionised user engagement, the challenges and opportunities for brands and partners to get involved in one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world.

Who is it?

Ishwara Glassman Chrein, Head of Sports Partnerships, Verizon Media/Yahoo Sports

Scott Kaufman-Ross, Senior Vice President, Head of Fantasy & Gaming in the NBA

Ari Borod, Chief Commercial Officer, The Action Network

Matt Prevost, Chief Marketing Officer, BetMGM

David VanEgmond, Founder & CEO, Bettor Capital

Bryan Bennett, Chief Operating Officer, Betfred USA Sports

Kelley Walker, VP of Growth, Integrated and Product Marketing, FanDuel

Matthew Holt, CEO, U.S. Integrity, Inc

What is being said?

Kaufman-Ross on rethinking the future of the betting experience: “As betting behaviour changes as people think about betting on micro bets and the next shot and the next three pointers, what should that look like from the NBA? How do you build that experience? Do fans want a live graphic of the court? How do you build that type of interacting engaging experience and I think that’s where we’ll get to over the next few years as the sports betting industry unfolds.”  

Borod: “We are definitely exploring the ways in which we would integrate other brands into our content and onto our platform. 

“I think for brands it’s interesting because this is a very affluent demo. Someone who is willing to take out their credit card and put money down on a game as an entertainment product is a consumer of many goods through ecommerce so it’s a very valuable market to go after.

“For us programmatic advertising we still worry about it being like do we want to just slap ads on our platform or would we want to. Like we do tonnes of content that we could have a sponsor specifically by certain partners that we think would ameliorate the content that we are offering. 

“We are definitely looking at that closely and I think brands should definitely be very interested in this space because these are consumers and the NBA knows this very well, this is the market they want their audiences to be gravitating towards. 

“I think one interesting anecdote from the betting side is our traffic during the election was gang busters, if you did any super bowl by a mile and the reason for that was we ranked very high for presidential odds, we have a live odds tracker during that. There is no legal betting market for that in the united States and I had friends who aren’t even sports fans texting me about it. 

“We saw millions of people coming onto our platform with no interest in betting just because of what the betting psychology can tell you about real world events. That as the odds are shifting, as people are making bigger bets on the European books, what do these smarter people know that is going to shift the outcome of this election and quickly. 

“Suddenly Pennsylvania was shifting entirely to Biden’s favour, Georgia the same thing and it was really interesting how none bettors were so captivated by how the betting market could influence what they were doing and I think that tells you there is a much bigger audience for the content around this industry.” 

Why should I watch it?

To get expert insight into the ever expanding and changing world of sports betting.

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Sponsorship X’s Virtual Series delves into the sports betting world