Following a busy end of 2020 from Canadian Gaming, Gambling TV takes a look at what has been said in relation to gaming issues in the Maple/Great White North/Canuck country, including insight from BOSA – Digital’s Canada Leaders panel.

What is it?

November was a busy month for gaming in Canada. Bill C-218, the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, had its first hour of debate in Parliament. Two days later, the Province of Ontario announced its next steps in building a regulatory framework for iGaming and it included important legislation to allow the province to move forward. 

Taken from the Canada Leaders panel at Betting on Sports America Digital the panel looks at what changes are on the horizon when it comes to igaming in Ontario, including the structure of the new model which is competitive and allows for private operators a stark contrast to the monopoly that they have been used to. 

The panel also discusses the consultations between the AGCO and industry over last year which are continuing into this year the panel talks about the process and what key items the AGCO is looking at.

The session also looks at how licensees will be able to advertise and market their product responsibly and what may be put into place to ensure licensees meet that standard and how offshore operators are going to view the igaming model in Ontario.

Who is it?

Ron Segev, Founding Partner, Segev LLP

Dave Phillips, Chief Operating Officer, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

Kevin Waugh, Member of Parliament, Saskatoon Grasswood

Paul Burns, President & CEO, Canadian Gaming Association

Chantal A. Cipriano, Senior Director, Legal & Compliance, Mazooma

What is being said?

Burns: “On the potential legalisation of sports betting: “Coming out of COVID the industry has taken a tremendous hit the last several months, many parts of Canada the gaming industry has not even opened. 

“Having a new product to offer to the public in Canada is very important. You combine this with Ontario’s work with the online gaming regulatory framework that they’re creating, there’s tremendous potential now for sports betting to take off in Canada. 

“Hopefully by next fall they will be able to have the measure in place across the country to give Canadians the access they have been looking for.” 

Why should I watch it?

To listen to some expert analysis of the Canadian betting industry and its future.

Where can I see more?

Source: SBC YouTube Channel

An in-depth look at Canadian Gaming developments