Every month Matt Ramsden takes us through the games which are launching on its OpenGaming platform that month. 

What is it?

January’s collection of demos includes Orbs of Osiris from the Live 5 team. Ramsden also conducts an interview with the team and showcases a demo of Rainbow Riches Race Day from their own SG Digital Studios with Craig Turner returning yet again to discuss upcoming games and predictions for 2021.

Who is it?

Mat Parker, Chief Product Officer, Live 5 Gaming

Matt Ramsden, OpenGaming Marketing, SG Digital

Craig Turner, Content Specialist, SG Digital

Oliver Vlaytchev, Director of Operations, Live 5 Gaming

What is being said?

Vlaytchev: “It’s interesting because we had a couple of games and we didn’t feel 100 per cent on each of them and essentially what Orbs of Osiris ended up being is a bit of a mash up between them. But we had this idea that we wanted to do a game where things reveal underneath but it took us a while to get to where the end result is.

“We looked also at what other products are out there, what other games that do something that little bit different, we wanted to put a bit of a twist on a cascade as well but it was a good yield research experimentation, having a bit of fun with it as well.”

Parker: “For us it was something different in the portfolio just a different way to present symbols and wins to the players. It did throw up a few challenges for us along the way. Especially things you take for granted like anticipation because the anticipation on a real spinning you’re sort of you do well and you take it for granted, you darken off the symbols you highlight the reel that you are anticipating on and it became obvious pretty quickly within the development that we also had to build this tension and anticipation. 

“The challenges along the way were interesting, this digging down the layers was interesting to us, whether we could make that work and bring the excitement to the game through a different way of presenting the symbols and the wins.” 

Why should I watch it?

To get up to date with the releases from SG Digital.

Where can I see more?
Source: OpenGaming YouTube Channel

The video is age-restricted and is available to watch on YouTube upon age verification here.

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