What is it?

SG Digital’s Matthew Ramsden and Craig Turner show off some of SG’s upcoming games they are launching on the Open Gaming platform as well as some sneak peaks of other slot titles and big name brands that the company will be working with in 2021. Some of this month’s releases include demos of: Rainbow Riches Midnight Magic, Wild Gods of Egypt and their Christmas game Rudolph Gone Wild

The guys from Live 5 also join to talk about Wild Gods of Egypt, to demo, and have a chat about the game.

Who is it?

Matthew Ramsden, Marketing, SG Digital 

Craig Turner: Content Specialist, SG Digital

Oliver Vlaytchev: Head of Operations, 5 Live

Mathew Parker: Chief Product Officer, 5 Live

What is being said?

Craig Turner: “I’ve got a soft spot for Rudolph (Gone Wild). I do have a soft spot for it, but i’ve played Midnight Magic a lot. Now as all the operators I talk to will know I’m not the biggest Rainbow Riches fan, it’s not a game I would use my own money on but midnight magic with that two bonus symbol straight through to the super dial I think that’s going to absolutely fly in the UK, UK wise that is going to be massive. 

“I’d say I lean more to that. Whereas Ruldolph is a very solid mechanic but I would expect that one to perform better over in Europe like the Scandinavian markets. I think Canada will go mad for that one as well.” 

Why should I watch it?

When the webinars are live, it allows you to speak directly to the game experts while they show you the demonstrations of the latest slots prior to their release. The webinar also gives a sneak peak into 2021 and who and what the company has been working with and on. 

Where can I see more?

Source: SG Digital YouTube Channel

SG Digital: October Games demo and 2021 preview