Elen Barber on laying the foundations for Kindred Group success, the growing influence of digital channels in the media mix, and finding the ‘golden point’ for marketing spend which balances the need for efficiency with a more diversified approach to investment channels.

Who is it?

Elen Barber, Chief Marketing Officer at Kindred Group

What is being said?

Barber on navigating the challenges of 2020: “What I do think is important to mention is that going back to 2019, it was a transformational year for Kindred which played a vital role in the way we operated in 2020. 

“It was a very challenging year in terms of financial performance, but the lessons we learnt that year contributed to our efficient performance in 2020. Obviously, we didn’t expect the pandemic, but we were 100% prepared for anything which came our way.

Her comments on some of the pandemic-induced regulations that came into play across key gaming jurisdictions in Europe: “Regulators were saying that they were trying to protect the customer. But what looks like player protection in the eyes of the regulators is a pain for the operator, and potentially results in a bad experience for the customer. I see this as a massive advantage for the black market.”

And Barber on finding the sweet spot for marketing amid the need for cost-cutting measures: “It’s so easy to cut marketing straight away. But it’s not going to give you a long-term desired effect because once funds are released back into the media mix, the inefficiencies return. This is what happened for a lot of companies. 

“You can cut it back but there is a golden point where you have to keep spending, and keep on investing, but definitely with a diversified investment into other channels.”

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To learn more about the need for diversification of online gambling verticals, the challenges operators are facing from regulators, and why focusing on where the marketing returns are rather than simply cutting the budget is the best approach.

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Source: SBC YouTube Channel

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