The first webinar in the Esports Leadership Series 2021, created by the Esports Awards team, gives 2021 predictions from a panel of industry experts about what 2021 has to offer esports.

What is it?

The panel of industry experts provides an insightful discussion around the predictions in esports for 2021, covering topics such as the expectations and aims for esports in 2021.

The series, which is a continuation of the Esports Leadership Summits that they launched in 2020, sees its continuation with the episode which talks briefly about tournaments and events, how they will work with COVID-19 restrictions in place globally such as the upcoming CoD League, it discusses the players to watch in the year, mobile esports and more. 

Who is it?

Adam Savage, Host, Esports Leadership Series 2021

Mike Ashford, Managing Director, the Esports Awards 

Adam Fitch, Business Content Lead, Dexerto

Victoria Horsley, President, Unified Collegiate Esports Association

MobileMatt , Co-Owner, Director of Business Development, AMG

Ryan Johnson, Founder, Cxmmunity 

Kirsty Endfield, Founder/Director, Swipe Right PR

What is being said?

When questioned on if  this is the year that mobile esports takes off, MobileMatt responded: “Depending on where you live in the world, you may not even be thinking about that because mobile gaming is the primary platform in so many regions around the world. It’s the primary platform in South America, in South East Asia, in China, India, Africa is a mobile first continent. It’s really just us in the North American and European regions that ask this question. 

“Every single region where mobile esports was successful became successful at the very start for different reasons. In China it was because of social integrations with wechat  and that’s what really created that boost. It’s a lot like if you recall Facebook gaming back in the FarmVille days where everybody was connected on the social media platform and we’re sending each other invites and requests to play and stuff like that. 

“If you look at India it was because of a really rapid roll out of network coverage across the country and everybody at that time had a mobile device with them, so that’s what led to the gaming boost.

“I think it’s impossible to predict how it’s going to take over but I can say is that if you look at the numbers there’s already convincing evidence that mobile gaming is the primary platform of choice for some many people in North America and Europe that I think is just a matter of time before that transitions to the competitive side as well.”

Why should I watch it?

To be in on the knowledge of what esports could look like in 2021.

Where can I see more?
Source: Esports Leadership Series YouTube Channel

Esports Leadership Series: Is 2021 the year mobile esports takes off?