US iGaming technology provider FansUnite Entertainment has confirmed its application to acquire a gambling licence in the UK, discussing the matter in a video interview with Agoracom IR.

Lauding UK gambling licences as ‘the gold standard’ in the official press release, Scott Burton, CEO of FansUnite, used the interview to further outline the significance of the application and of the company’s desire to break into the British betting market.

“You have a gambling licence there (the UK) and there is no question that you can go around the globe,” Burton began. “A lot of people have a licensing question, especially in the space that as we move more and more to regulation in new countries, people have that comfort knowing that we can get a license like in the UK.”

He continued: “We do some business there with our sportsbook McBookie, which currently isn’t under one of our licenses, and when you use someone else’s licence there’s a cost for that. We hope to eliminate some of the costs for the McBookie business.”

Highlighting how the UK is one of the biggest gambling markets in the world,’ but also highly regulated, Burton stated: ‘To be a technology provider to a UK licensed operator you need a UK licence, so it’s just an extension of us trying to be the global gaming company that we are and intend to be. 

“This was a piece that was missing for us in terms of an area where we want to be able to offer our software, and that was the UK, so getting that licence allows us to offer our B2B product in there, in addition to helping McBookie with cutting some costs out of their business.”

In addition to discussing FanUnites’ UK operations, Burton also mentioned the situation regarding Canadian gambling regulations.

Pointing to the increased liberalisation of gaming laws in states such as Ontario, Burton explained: “We can be a provider to a lot of new entrants in the market who are looking to come, who are not in Canada and may not be involved in gambling right now, if you’re looking at media companies, telcos, we are poised to be a platform provider for any of them.”

FansUnite announces UK gambling licence application