The latest edition of Star Sports’ series Betting People focused on the journey of professional trader Caan Berry, who revealed how his stance on betting altered dramatically following a Boxing Day bet. 

Part one of the four-part series, saw Berry detailed the moment in Afghanistan where he knew ‘something in his life had to change’. He went on to reveal how ‘a new world’ opened up when he discovered betting exchanges and the opportunity that they present. 

The second part of the series saw Barry map out how his relationship with Betfair began, as well as why he believes that with the right strategy and research the road to being a trader is something attainable for most people. 

He also spoke about his frustration at being restricted by operators, as well his desire to continue sharing knowledge and insights into strategies for punters. 

Berry breaks with betting traditions, as he moves from sport to sport as he carries over the same principles from horse racing into other markets, allowing him to expand his ceiling. 

He also spoke candidly about the levels of volumes he needs to wager in order to gain a significant return, with it being an amount that inevitably varies from sport to sport. 

Concluding the series Berry underlined the importance of developing and evolving, also emphasising the importance of balancing work and life, specifically when it comes to a stressful job. 

Star Sports Betting People: From the trenches to trading