In Svenska Spel’s latest webinar, a panel of guest speakers discussed the need for collaboration between industry professionals and academics, as well as the vital role of research and knowledge sharing.

What is it?

Svenska Spel’s panel of industry experts discuss the vital role of research, evidence, facts and knowledge sharing in supporting the development of a responsible gambling policy. The Swedish-stated owned operating body also highlights the findings of its Responsible Gambling Report for 2020.

Who is it?

Moderator – Sabinje von Gaffke

Guest Speaker – Patrik Hofbauer, CEO and President of Svenska Spel

Guest Speaker – Sara Lindholm, President of the Board of Svenska Spel Independent Research Council

Guest Speaker – Kajsa Nylander, Director of Sustainability, Svenska Spel

Guest Speaker – Maris Catania, Head of Responsible Gambling and Research, Kindred

Guest Speaker – Axcel Lyckberg, Responsible Gambling Specialist, Svenska Spel

Guest Speaker – Rickard Lönn, Responsible Gambling Advisor

Guest Speaker – Anders Håkansson, Consultant Physician, Professor of Addictive Medicine, Lund University

What is being said?

Highlighting the need to conduct research and share knowledge, Patrik Hofbauer detailed Svenska Spel’s own corporate policy.

“We saw that we have our tools to protect the customers from harmful gambling, we also have the tools that we have to develop our games,” he began. “But then it’s also that we were missing some part, and the missing part was getting more facts or evidence based on it from the research, and that was the background when we started this. 

“Since the start we have invested more than 60 million, and we have also professorship in Lund. We will support this with 2.5 million searches per year. So in total 60 million into this, and this is of course he won’t have more information so we can be even better in how we can protect our customers. and we also want to do a third thing that is share this information to the whole industry sector, so together we can be better in this work.”

Detailing Kindred’s approach to knowledge sharing, Maris Catania pointed out that the firm sponsors a great number of PHD programmes.

“I think that’s quite a good stance to take,” she noted. “Because you have students who can focus entirely, and have a new vision on online gambling. 

“I think when it comes to the industry, something we need to keep in mind, is that some research before would be done through students and gamlbing abs, whilst the industry has a lot of information and data, which is real gambling data.

“When it comes to sharing it’s not just publishing the data as well, but making sure that all your processes are based on research. I think something that is very good and unique to Kindred, is we do not just share this, but we also invite experts to the office, to see what we’re doing is proper.”

Where can I watch more?

Source – Svenska Spel YouTube Channel

Knowledge sharing essential for promoting responsible gambling