Kalamba Games takes viewers behind the scenes with its 50th title Age of Huracan which is set to be released next month.

Posting on the company’s official YouTube channel, Andy Sekula, Kalamba’s Head of Games, walks viewers through the concept, math and what it all means for players. 

How did the original math and art concept come about? 

Since it’s our 50th Game, we started thinking about what we can do to make the game special in some way. On one hand, we have taken mechanics and a title with a theme that will resonate with our players. Then on the other hand, we wanted to add something that is special because it’s our 50th game.

It was our kind of initial thought when we started thinking about both mechanics and the theme and how we can add a Kalamba spin to make it even more special. 

 We decided on K-Cash mechanics tied in with Mayan magic here and there. The theme would create a big combo that would be greatly appreciated by our players. 

What features does the game have?

The main features that we are seeing in the game are K-cash and we believe that those features work pretty well and reinforce each other. That’s because the progress you make when it comes to collecting cash and multipliers during the game is carried over to K-Cash spins, making the K-Cash spins even more exciting and giving even more potential for huge wins. Obviously one of our signature features, which is HyperBonus, will be a shortcut to whatever you choose: K-Cash spins or free spins.”

Why the Mayan theme?

One of the obvious reasons is that we saw a lot of potential in this theme. We actually lack any Mayan themes in our portfolio. Besides that, we have many reasons to believe that the Mayan theme, in the context of the game, will resonate pretty well with our audiences.

In terms of volatility, where does Age of Huracan sit with other Kalamba Games?

I would say that, as you can expect from Kalamba Games, this will sit in the higher end of volatility, considering it in the border sense of the slot games. At the same time, it surely won’t be the game with the highest volatility when looking at Kalamba’s portfolio, it’s somewhere in the middle.

Which markets do you think the game will do best in?

I think it will do well when it comes to the UK or British players, German players will enjoy this game as well as Italian players.

Kalamba Games gives a behind the scenes look of its 50th title: Age of Huracan