An impassioned Ed Quigley pleaded with UK racing to bring itself in line with the times and increase technology following the debacle over cameras and the photofinishing capabilities at Sandown this week. 

Quigley joined Shane Anderson and’s Vincent Finegan on BettingExpert’s latest edition of the ‘Jump to It’ racing podcast, dissected all the latest news from the sport. 

A passionate Quigley commented on the issue, as he evaluated the state of UK racing: “It’s an absolute farce, it really is – in this day and age, I mean, I couldn’t believe it. 

“Fair play to the BHA steward, Sean Parker as he came out and kind of fronted the cameras but you listen to the story and you know ‘a mirror was aligned all wrong’ and then they only had one print out on a grainy photo, there’s people running up and down stairs I mean, when was all this built, the days of Stonehenge – it’s like Antiques Roadshow meets Fawlty Towers.

“Don’t preach to the world you want to be the kind of the trendsetter and the leader in your field, but run it like a D grade load of codswallop I mean it’s an out-of-date shambles, to be honest with you.

“Now, if someone can quantify and come to me and say look, to you know to rectify this and put the digital state of the art photo enhanced whatever you got to do in order to get it up to date, it’s going to cost absolutely millions; or take years to put in place, then there needs to be a long conversation about how they ended up getting to that point. But really it’s hopping back to the days of, you know, medieval time to just to listen to the absolute farce of what was going on there.”

Anderson echoed his sentiment and bolstered his calls for racing to improve, adding: “You’re using the term ‘amateur’ and I think you’re 100% right.”

‘It’s a farce’ Ed Quigley urges racing to evolve with the times