In the latest edition of ‘DataArt Conversations’, the DataArt team welcomed Seth Schorr to the panel to discuss how sports betting can inform iGaming and allow the industry to grow and flourish.

Who is it?

Seth Schorr, CEO of Fifth Street Gaming

Russell Karp, Vice President of DataArt

Matthew Shatz, Advisor at DataArt

Kevin Twitchell, Advisor at DataArt

What is being said?

Schorr explained: “When I look at sports betting today, I do like to take a step back and look at iGaming as a whole. My experience in interactive gaming started in 1999 when I had the opportunity at the time to work with Steve Wynn and create a company with him and we created a platform, an online casino platform. Needless to say, at the time, it was a little ahead of the curve, mainly from a regulatory perspective so we had to put that project on hold.

“For the past 20 years, I’ve been anticipating the time where North America and specifically, the United States, caught up to our counterparts in Europe and started to offer iGaming. Clearly, that started in New Jersey many years ago but from a national perspective, over the past two years and with the repeal of PASPA, I see a path forward to iGaming via sports betting.”

He continued: “Sports betting, innovative itself, is very exciting. I think specifically from a media, sports and entertainment perspective, as a business and as a casino operator I’m certainly more attracted to the margins of iGaming but sports betting is not only a path to get there, it’s an interesting and engaging experience to build loyalty and engagement.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn about the complexities of the iGaming sector and why it is beginning to expand within the US.

Where can I see more?

Source: DataArt YouTube Channel

DataArt: Building a ‘path’ to iGaming via sports betting