As part of Betsson Group’s online series, Eduards Jakubovs, Head of Responsible Gaming at the firm underlined that responsibility is one of the key elements to sustainability. 

It comes as Jakubovs was keen to use his platform to underline just how much of a focus social responsibility is for the Betsson. 

He stated: “We were one of the first companies in Malta to employ someone in the full time role of responsible gaming and we are very proud of this. Therefore, we have experienced quite a lot of experience by now, which really helps the company.”

When questioned on the firm’s responsible gaming strategy and what steps it takes, he added: “It’s a big question, but we have a full team working solely with responsible gaming and we have a very wide spectrum of duties and responsibilities, starting with training our staff. 

“Another very important element is the monitoring that we apply across the customer base, which is quite wide, so it’s not just one principle we can apply. We actually have three pillars that we base our monitoring on, one being the escalations and cooperations department, another is the in-house responsible gaming prediction tool and our dashboard and manual monitoring tool.

“We try to catch it as early as possible and upon that we can apply a variety of different things to help our customer – so there is a wide spectrum of things we can do.” 

He went on to map out the expansive range of tools that are utilised by the group in order to ensure that their players engage with the safest possible experience. Adding that it’s not just about the tools available, but also about how easy they are to be accessed for users.

Betsson Group: Safer gambling is key to sustainability