One of North America’s biggest sporting events, the Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series, is set to close tomorrow, with the Atlanta Braves facing off against the Houston Astros

In July of this year, the Astros were the favorites coming into the World Series at odds of +475 or around 5/1 on FOX Sports, whilst the Braves were a huge outside at +1200 or 13/1.

However with Game Six set to commence, the Braves are currently up 3-1 against their Texan opponents, but FOX Bet pundit Clay Travis noted that the game is ‘brutal for any Georgia area sports fan’.

“This feels a little bit like the Super Bowl when the Atlanta Falcons were up 28 to three and then choked it away to the Patriots, but Max Fried on the hill, this is his opportunity in game six to establish himself as a big time force going forward in in terms of Atlanta Braves pitching lineage,” he began.

“The Braves have also been great at not allowing losses to linger, they’ve been up in every series, but for the first series against the Brewers where they lost game one, the Braves after a loss this postseason are 4-0. 

“They have outscored opponents 18 to four, they need to jump on the Houston Astros early in what will be an electric Minute Maid Park. I think that Max Fried will pitch well and the Atlanta Braves will be your world series champion come around midnight tomorrow night.”

Travis’s fellow pundit, Cousin Sal, however, disagreed with his colleague’s opinions, pointing to a series of statistics suggesting that the Braves’ star pitcher Fried often struggles in the postseason.

“I think they’re ready and also they haven’t even started cheating yet,” he quipped. “The city of Houston faked a moon landing, they definitely have something up their sleeve to win the next two games.”

Should the Braves hold steady and maintain their position, it could spell a bad day for bookmakers should baseball followers in newly regulated states have taken a risk and backed the team, which last won a World Series in 1995. 

However, in an odd turn of events US operators may actually be glad that the Southern state of Georgia, the home of the Atlanta Braves, is one of the more restrictive with regards to sports betting, although this could soon change as the industry continues to roll out across North America.

Source – FOX Bet Live YouTube Channel

FOX Bet: Atlanta Braves set to disturb the bookies in the World Series?